Top 10 Pocket 9mms ideal for Concealed Carry

Last week I made a bunch of folks cringe with a well-intentioned list of my top 5 compact 9mms. With so many to choose from, the task wasn’t easy.

I can accept the criticism. No problem. My list was based on a mix of performance, and price, and capacity. I didn’t include any single stacks. I also didn’t include any pistols in the upper price points.

The criteria selected reflect my personal biases. Why would I pay twice as much for a gun that works exactly as well as guns that cost half as much? Why would I pay twice as much for a gun that doesn’t work half as well as some of its competition? It just seems a bit ludicrous. But that’s my opinion.

I look at capacity the same way. Some guns hold more rounds than others. Some double-stack magazines hold twice as many rounds, while only marginally increasing width. Take this example:

  • The Springfield Armory XD Subcompact, with its double stack mag, is 1.2 inches wide.

  • The Springfield Armory XD-S holds X rounds. It is .9 inches wide.

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