These Wild Ski Resorts Offer The Most Stunning Mountain Views (In Maybe All Of Canada)

Picture a snow-dusted mountain wrapped in wispy, white clouds. At its peak, the only sound is the occasional thump of snow falling from a branch, and at its base sits a castle with towers that rise high into the sky.

No, it’s not a fairytale—it’s just Canada.

This landscape is one of many wonders that await those who visit the country’s SkiBig3 resorts: Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise, and Mt. Norquay.

Just a three-hour flight from Chicago followed by a short drive from Canada’s Calgary International Airport to Banff National Park, these three picturesque resorts encompass nearly 8,000 acres of prime skiing terrain, complete with castles, chateaus and innovative restaurants where travelers can enjoy a craft distilled Canadian inspired cocktail after a long day on the slopes. And to make your visit even easier, skiers and snowboarders only need one SkiBig3 lift ticket to access it all.

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