These are the 10 least reliable new vehicles you can buy

For decades, consumer watchdog Consumer Reports has ranked new vehicles for reliability. In questionnaires sent to its subscribers, CR asks its audience to note problems with their vehicles over the past 12 months, then produces a list of best and worst vehicles based on the issues reported.

Problems range from serious — engine, transmission, climate control, brakes, electrical system and power accessories — to minor things like rattles or ill-fitting trim. From the respondents (500,000 vehicles in the latest survey, according to CR), an annual list of least and most reliable vehicles is distilled.

Here, according to Consumer Reports, are the 10 least reliable vehicles for 2018, presented in rank order, counting down to the least reliable model.

Honda Odyssey

Long a favourite, the Honda Odyssey offers a great driving experience coupled with a sophisticated interior full of technology. Now with 280 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. of torque, the front-wheel drive Odyssey is fast for something that isn’t a sports car. And it comes with paddle shifters for the 10-speed automatic in the top-line Touring. Alas, CR members reported problems with the Odyssey’s in-car electronics, power equipment and body hardware. The van lost CR’s coveted recommended rating this year due to worse-than-average reliability, tied to problems with the infotainment display and power sliding doors.

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