Well, it’s been pretty well exactly 4 weeks since “I went under the knife”, which still gives me shivers just saying that. I’m doing pretty well, and if you’re following me on Facebook you’ve probably seen a bit of how I’m doing – but I wanted to write this post as an official update.

I’m also getting a bit more freedom as time goes too, which is nice because at first I was going a little stir crazy! The first two weeks were pretty strict in the crate and play-pen, only to be allowed out for controlled exercises and stretches. Now I’m on more of a “room rest”, which is nice.

Kind of like going from solitary to regular jail cell.

It also means I get to spend less time in that dang stroller.

crusoe in the stroller

But, I would have had a much harder time if it wasn’t for all my fans who’ve been thinking about me and wishing me well, not to mention all the people who sent me get-well cards and little toys to keep my spirits high.

In fact, it’s been absolutely incredible and heartwarming to see the reaction from people…

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