Paper roll fish recycling craft

How to:

Flatten your cardboard tube

Cut a rounded end for the fish’s head and two slits at an approximate 45º angle for the tail

Fold the angled cut inwards both forwards and backwards and then tuck it inside the fish to create the tail (see video or photos if this sounds confusing)

Decorate your fish with paints and allow to dry

Glue a googly eye onto each side and draw on a mouth with a marker

easy step by step tutirial on how to create a paper roll fish

See – I told you it was easy!

Setp by step photos and video tutorial on how to create a simple paper roll fish

I’m always up for a challenge! What paper roll animal would you like me to create next?

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You can find tons more on our Cardboard tubes board on Pinterest too.

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A step by step tutorial and video for a paper roll fish craft







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