Paper roll fish recycling craft

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Here’s a simple paper roll fish craft you can make and as a bonus you get to upcycle your cardboard tubes at the same time.

A simple fish craft made from a cardboard tube using a flatten and cut technique

I adore making paper roll animals using a cut and fold technique and this is possibly one of the simplest ones ever. Originally I designed this craft years ago for my girls when they were preschoolers. I created the fish shapes for them and they decorated them with sequins, glitter and other bits and pieces. The girls used their finished fish as ‘food’ in their toy kitchen for a long time – years even! You could also turn them into a fishing game with the help of some paper clips and magnets on strings.

I thought it was time to revisit this fun idea with a revised step-by-step tutorial and I’ve even created a video too.

How to make a paper roll fish

You will need:

• one painted recycled cardboard tube per fish (you can use a paper towel roll cut down to size or a toilet roll, both will work)
• more paint to decorate
• googly eyes and glue
• permanent marker
• scissors

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