19 DIY Charging Stations To Power Up Your Life

For most of us, we need more than one outlet to get the job done at night. From our phones to our power banks, we need a space that we can plug into for the evening and be refreshed come morning. These 19 DIY charging stations are easy to make and will help power up your life with ease and organization.

1. In A Book

Diy charging station

Caught on a Whim took a book to disguise when you need to charge the good. Cut, slide, plug, close and voila! you’ve got a fully charged phone that’s become a part of the décor.

2. Vintage Suitcase

Diy charging station suitcase

We’re really loving the innovation behind this fun idea. Design Sponge took a vintage suitcase and turned it into a charging station any corner of the house would love.

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