A Guide to Scouting Landscape Photography Locations

One of the biggest challenges in landscape (or any other) photography is not the equipment or knowledge of camera settings or even your compositional skills, it’s being at the right place at the right time. Photography locations are key to good landscape photography.

Putting time and location together has little to do with luck or serendipity. Finding good landscape photography locations and being there at the right time of day and year is a skill you can learn.

It’s not fun, but a lot of good photography is about research. I recently attended a lecture presented by a National Geographic photographer. During the course of her presentation, she mentioned the word “research” a half dozen times. Each time referring to the background work she put into planning her next shoot.

Most of this photographer’s time as a professional photo-journalist was not spent making images, but planning to make images. That’s an uncomfortable, but true, lesson every serious photographer should take to heart.

So let’s buckle down and consider how to optimize your chances of finding those landscape images you’ve always wanted to make.

Create a Shot List

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