9 Best Surf Spots in Texas

The Gulf Coast is typically forgotten among American surfers, however the Texas coast offers some great surf spots that are sure to please both beginner and advanced surfers alike. Referred to as the Third Coast, the Gulf Coast may not produce as big of swells as its western counterpart, however surfers are not disappointed when they visit these 9 best surf spots in the state of Texas.

Surfside (Nearby Hotels)

This list starts off with one of the most popular surfing spots in Texas, Surfside Beach. With a name like Surfside, it’s sure to please Texas surfers. Like many of the spots on this list, this area gets its biggest swells during storms, however there are still solid waves found here even if a storm isn’t on the forecast. Keep in mind that the breaks are clean when the wind comes from the East or Northeast, which is one thing you may want to check on the forecast before heading out. Surfside is great for both long and short boards, and there is even board rentals found in the area. Since Surfside is reachable for surfers in Texas’ large metropolitan areas like Houston and Austin, it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches for surfing.

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