5 Of The World’s Very Best Surfing Destinations

You’re likely spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding which place to surf next. With countless hotspots around the world to consider, the possibilities are almost endless – but consider the coveted, cherished surfing spots you may not have visited just yet.

Here are just five of the best surfing destinations around the world, and what to do there once you arrive.

Kuta, Bali: #1 Surfing Destination

There’s simply no denying Kuta’s potential for some incredible surfing opportunities. Known as one of the world’s top spots for it, as echoed by 1Cover, The beach here is home to some great surf, even for beginners getting to grips with it. With such varying waves and changing conditions here at Kuta Beach, it’s definitely a challenge – but a fun one at that.

Whilst in Kuta, be sure to make the most of the unique, beautiful Balinese town. Waterbom is widely said to be one of the world’s best waterparks, boasting a massive variety of thrilling slides and rides as well as more relaxed options. Elsewhere, stroll through the Beachwalk, a modern mall adjacent to the beach with international stores and local cuisine to sample.

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