18 automotive moments we’re thankful for in 2018

Now you’ve just got to teach your parents that a Bluetooth isn’t something dental surgery can correct.

Somebody broke the wheel-driven land speed record

What do you get when you put a turbine engine from a Chinook helicopter into a javelin with wheels? Don’t blink or you’ll never find out. Team Vesco’s Turbinator II broke the land-speed record on behalf of all mankind by travelling 777 km/h (483 mph) over the Bonneville Salt Flats.

VW stepped on the Beetle

It’s been a good run, but our arms are just so sore from the decades and decades of punching. It’s time to let the bruises heal.

A Rolls Royce Dealership started accepting payment in cryptocurrency

For when the cryptobros get sick of their Lambos.

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