18 automotive moments we’re thankful for in 2018

Tomorrow marks Thanksgiving in Canada, an opportunity for families to gather and give thanks for everything that isn’t on fire in a dumpster (looking at you, American politics).

This year, as we crowd ’round the table to fight with our siblings over the drumsticks, we’re taking a few extra moments to give thanks to some of the most memorable and important moments in the automotive world so far this year. And there’s a lot to be thankful for, including new lids at Timmies, an end of the Saudi woman driving ban and the first-ever Porsche tractor race. What a time to be alive!

Elon Musk sent a Tesla to space

In February of this year, a Tesla Roadster boldly went where no production car had gone before: to space. Thank you, Elon, for doing literally whatever you want. Don’t ever change

A woman has finally won an international racing championship

Just this past September, Ana Carrasco, a 21-year-old from Spain, won the WSSP 300 class motorcycle championship by a single point, becoming the first woman to win a major racing championship of any kind. She indicates that she’s not finished yet, and we believe her; congratulations, Ana!

F1 swapped ‘grid girls’ for ‘grid kids’

Formula One is taking a progressive step into a new era of motorsport that doesn’t involve scantily clad models in the paddock for no apparent reason.

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